About Us

    WCOV Mission: 

    WCOV will strive to entertain, inform, and educate our community.


    WCOV Vision:

    WCOV seeks to serve the public interest by providing a healthy working environment for our WORKERS, providing fast, accurate service to our CLIENTS, serving OTHERS in our community, and giving our VIEWERS a rewarding entertainment experience.


    • Workers
      Our vision is for employees to come to work and be inspired, fulfilled, content, challenged and energized by each other. Workers are the engine that keeps the station performing in a state of excellence. WCOV will provide respect, support and opportunity for personal and professional development. We are committed to helping employees develop skills that will help them perform at a level where they will achieve their full potential within the WCOV family.


    • Clients
      Our vision is for clients to confidently place their advertising needs in our hands with the trust that we will add value to their business. We are committed to meeting their advertising needs and providing service with such quality and speed that their business will prosper greatly. Clients are our business partners and we will work hard to achieve our mutual success.


    • Others
      Our vision for others is to help those who cannot help themselves and to do so with an attitude of love, generosity and selflessness. We will assist others by volunteering our time, money, and the power of television to make a positive impact on their lives. We will partner with others to accomplish community goals on a local, state, national and international level. WCOV will utilize all resources available and strive to make the world a better place, with Montgomery Alabama being our home base as we do so.


    • Viewers
      Our vision for viewers is that they will be entertained, informed, and educated when watching WCOV. We want viewers to enjoy the experience when watching the station and will strive to broadcast programs that appeal to a wide range of viewers. We want our viewers to consider the time spent watching WCOV to be fun, exciting, stress-free and time well spent. We will engage viewers by providing programs that connect them to each other and to the community.